Overhead Sprinkler Irrigation to Protect From Winter Frost

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Overhead Sprinkler Irrigation – Helping America’s farmer’s battle frost

Each year, America’s crops face the risk of damage from winter frosts. When the temperatures drop below freezing for a period of time, America’s farmers struggle to protect their valuable crops from damage. Using overhead sprinkler irrigation is one way farmers fight back against the harsh elements.

While the risk varies based on the duration the temperatures remain below freezing, it’s vital for farmers to have a plan in place to protect their crops. Additionally, the effect freezing temperatures, and frost will have on crops varies depending on the type of crop. For example, fruit trees that are damaged may have a decline in the amount of fruit produced, or not produce fruit at all. Fruit or vegetables that have already blossomed can be damaged, and a large portion of the crop will be lost.

Many farmers turn to their irrigation system to help protect crops during extended freezes. At the first sign of freezing conditions, irrigation begins to protect the crops and is discontinued when the temperatures again rise above freezing. Timing is important; if the water is turned off prematurely, crops can be damaged.

Overhead sprinkler irrigation is a way for farmers to irrigate their crops, as well as win the battle against freezing temperatures.
For more valuable information about using overhead sprinkler irrigation to protect your crops from harsh winter weather, contact the irrigation specialists at W. P. Law, Inc.

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