How do I Permanently Get Rid of Summer Weeds?


Nothing wrecks your beautiful lawn like a bunch of summer weeds busting through. Everything from dandelions to fescue and ryegrass to foxtail, weeds can take your yard from fabulous to frustrating pretty quickly. You can pull weeds all day and still not permanently get rid of them. What can you do? Take a look.

Start with Lawn Care

The first step to getting rid of weeds is taking proper care of your lawn. Mowing your grass too short can invite weeds in, as can soil that’s too compact. Another thing that can entice weed growth is a lack of water. They’ll take over when the grass, shrubs, and flowers start to suffer from being too dry.

Treat Your Lawn

There are two primary types of herbicide weed killer – pre-emergent and post-emergent. Pre-emergent attacks weeds at the root before they appear in your yard. Post-emergent kills the weeds that are already growing that you can see in your grass and garden. If you want a natural weed killer, vinegar that has an acetic acid level between 10 and 20% will also kill weeds.

Prep in the Fall

Seeding your lawn in the fall can help keep it thick and lush and make it difficult for weeds to grow. Aeration will also help keep them at bay. The best defense against weed growth is a healthy lawn year-round.

Are you battling weeds in your lawn every summer? Take a look at these tips for getting rid of them for good. For more help and expert guidance on all of your landscaping needs, contact the experts at W.P. Law, Inc.

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