Why a Pondless Water Feature Makes a Great Residential Fountain


Are you dreaming of a residential fountain, but don’t have the space? A pondless water feature might be just what you’ve been looking for. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a Pondless Water Feature?

A pondless feature works by recirculating the water without a pond. Think of a waterfall without a pond at the bottom or a series of rocks that create a fountain, but without a pool of water as its base. A pump takes water from a reservoir situated in or below ground and sends it up through the water feature where it flows back down.

What Kind of Pondless Systems Create Fountains?

There are endless ways to create a water feature with a pondless water feature. It’s only limited by your imagination. Whatever space you have is enough to create a water feature with this type of system.

What are the Benefits?

Fountains enhance your outdoor living space, transforming it from a backyard to an oasis. Water features create peaceful spaces enhanced by the sound of a waterfall or a babbling brook. They can fit any space, whether you have a small square of yard to work with or a huge piece of property. They are also low-maintenance and use very little energy to operate.

Adding water to your surroundings can bring peace and calm to your environment. A water feature or fountain is a great option for doing just that. If you’re interested in a pondless water system for your residential fountain, look no further than the experienced professionals at WP Law. Contact them today.

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