Why Pondless Water Systems Make Great Residential Fountains

Here’s an excellent choice as you consider residential fountains.

Pondless Water Systems

As you start your search for the perfect residential fountain, you might find inspiration in a surprising place: geology. There is a term for a naturally occurring water feature called a disappearing river, and they work in one of the most amazing ways. The water runs along like a normal river and then just disappears into the ground. They may reappear at some distance, but the effect is dramatic. That same technique is being used in to create disappearing waterfalls and water features in backyards all across America.

The disappearing waterfall or river in the natural setting actually drops down into a sunken reservoir and then travels along an underground aquifer until it reappears, usually as a waterfall. Well, it is not secret that most of us do not have the space for all of that, which is why we take those basic concepts of nature and apply them to the technology of residential fountains.

What is residential fountain technology? It is the very basic concept of the natural disappearing river. It is a basic reservoir, a pump, and a line. Water is pumped from the reservoir, up the line, and reemerges as a waterfall. The water then cascades down the water feature (waterfall or fountain) and then disappears into the reservoir where it begins the cycle again.

What we have just described are pondless water systems. The benefit of using pondless water systems to create water features and residential fountains is that they come with all the parts and supplies, sometimes even the plants, necessary to create a waterfall or a river. They are easy to install, affordable, and you can easily attach your creative side to these projects.

If you have questions about pondless water systems and other residential fountains, just ask the pros at WP Law.

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