Sewage Lift Pump Stations – 2 Benefits of Remote Monitoring

Sewage lift pump stations utilize remote monitoring to help prevent maintenance hassles and keep the operator well informed.

Sewage lift stations are vital in the process of purifying wastewater and supplying the community with clean water. A sewage lift station pumps raw sewage and wastewater to the wastewater treatment plant. The wastewater treatment plant processes the wastewater by removing the solids. The processed wastewater (effluent) can be further treated and returned to the water system or it can be land applied through a wastewater spray field. To monitor the entire process of purifying the water remote monitoring is used.

Two of the major benefits to using a remote monitoring system are:

  1. Warning of maintenance issues: The remote monitoring system tracks pump warnings on the temperature or other conditions. The remote monitoring system will alert the operator of conditions that may cause maintenance issues.
  2. Keeps the operator informed of the conditions: The operator will receive all the updates on the internet which include the running time, water pressure and power status. They can monitor the lift station at all times and always know the water pressure and levels.

Constant monitoring of the lift pump stations is required to prevent problems. Remote monitoring helps to keep the operator informed at all times of the conditions and provides very valuable information to ensure that the water keeps flowing.

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