The Allure of Water Gardens and Waterfalls

Water gardens and waterfalls are a beautiful addition to any landscape. They add a touch of peacefulness to your surroundings and help to create an area of true relaxation that blends seamlessly with nature. Creating and maintaining a water area is an enjoyable hobby and a joy to behold. However, the initial setting up of water gardens and waterfalls is more involved than it looks.

You can achieve the water garden or waterfall oasis that you are striving for if you successfully bring together a healthy flow of water, aquatic plants, fish and good bacteria. In addition you will need to make sure there are adequate biological and mechanical filters, as well as quality plumbing and pumps. If all these things work together correctly you will find that the system is balanced and your oasis is perfect. Little maintenance is required once you have achieved balance.

The Right Equipment For Water Gardens and Waterfalls

When considering adding water gardens or waterfalls to your grounds, be sure you purchase only quality products. You will need reliable pumps, filters, piping, jets, nozzles, liners and more to ensure continued flow of water in your creation. By opting for products that are not up to the task, you will experience frequent breakdowns, an unbalanced ecosystem, and need to replace the parts and equipment more often than you should. By investing in more reliable equipment, your water gardens and waterfalls will flow continually and you will have minimal maintenance to do.

Upkeep of Water Gardens and Waterfalls

Once you create your little oasis and it is in perfect balance, there will still be some required maintenance to do. Depending on the climate where you live you may have more maintenance or less. For those in a warm climate, water gardens and waterfalls may be enjoyed year-round. The upkeep of the water feature is limited to monitoring water levels, controlling algae, and cleaning debris from filters. Mostly you will do little more than add good bacteria and clean the skimmer net every week or so.

If you live in a colder climate you will need to do more to maintain your water garden or waterfall. You will first have to decide if you plan to leave it running during the winter months or if you will stop the pump and have it freeze. If there are fish you will need to remove them or have a heater to keep them alive. If you allow your water area to freeze, you will have to rebalance the system again when you start it back up. In the spring you will need to clean all the filters in your system and then drain all the water and refill it with fresh water.

Consult a professional before embarking on your water garden or waterfall project
. You will get the information you need to make sure that you have an ecologically balanced system with the correct equipment and components to make sure your flowing water system is healthy and attractive, so you get to enjoy the tranquility of flowing water in your surroundings.

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