The Difference Floating Fountains Make

Floating fountains are an exciting addition to any body of water, whether natural or artificial. If you are looking for a unique and attractive addition to the landscaping of your business or home, floating fountains are an excellent choice. They beautify ponds, lakes and other bodies of water and add movement and visual interest.

Benefits of Floating Fountains

Apart from the beauty of floating fountains, they actually do have a practical purpose also. All bodies of water need aeration to stay healthy. Floating fountains can assist in maintaining water quality with an infusion of oxygen. Algae are controlled and organic matters decompose more quickly in water with a fountain. The water quality is much improved and even smells better. For ponds and lakes that have variable water levels, floating fountains are an ideal solution.

Floating Fountain Uses

There are so many places where floating fountains can be used, both in private and public spaces. You can easily determine where people will want to congregate with the addition of a fountain. The relaxing sounds of flowing water and the beauty of shooting plumes of water are irresistible to almost everyone.

Public fountains in municipalities are an excellent location for floating fountains. Custom designs can create something unique and eye-catching.

Pools and ponds can remain algae-free and a healthy environment for plant life and fish, with the use of a floating fountain surface aerator.

Amusement parks can create light and water shows using powerful floating fountains that shoot water 100 feet in the air.

Versatility of Floating Fountains

Floating fountains are actually the pump systems used to create water movement patterns in the air. You can use one or multiple floating fountains to create the water feature you are striving for. Such fountains are available in hundreds of different models and can be customized to the needs of the customer. Power levels start at ½ Horsepower and go to 50 horsepower and even beyond with custom models. Heavy duty fountains deal with larger bodies of water or for more spectacular water displays. Residential models are much smaller but work wonderfully to create a beautiful display of water. Solar models are also available and are excellent in sunny areas.

A combination of a floating fountain with a lighting system in a pond or lake creates an unforgettable centerpiece that draws attention to any home or business. Seek professional help when deciding on the floating fountains for your project. It is easy to select a product that is ineffective or too powerful for your needs. By choosing high quality parts recommended by experienced pros will make a huge difference for maintenance, performance and the life of your floating fountains. With a little help you can create a thing of water beauty.

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