W.P. Law Inc. Commits To Artisan Quality Historical Rework of Fountains


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W.P. Law Inc. Commits To Artisan Quality Historical Rework of Fountains

Lexington, SC, August 23, 2010 –
   Homeowners, communities, municipalities and preservation societies seeking historical rework of fountains can find the expertise they are looking for in the experienced team at W.P. Law Inc. The historical rework of fountains demands an attention to artisan quality work that the fountain division of W.P. Law is committed to providing.

Offering historical rework of fountains is one of the many services they specialize in, W.P. Law is one of only a few specialists in this field. They rework, repair and maintain municipal, residential, community, medical, business, parks and gardens and retail and tourism fountains. This division of W.P. Law is one of the busiest of the company, and one in which they take great pride.

The historical rework of fountains requires great attention to detail, as it means that often fountains must be deconstructed with great care in order to do the necessary repairs and upgrades. The historical significance of such fountains means that the professionals who work on it must maintain the features that make it unique, while restoring it to its original glory.

The splendor of historical fountains is a source of great pride for their owners and repairs are often a stressful undertaking. Owners and caretakers of such fountains want the fountains to be as beautiful as they were at the height of their splendor, but are greatly concerned that irreparable damage will occur during the process or that the new systems and displays will alter the look so that it no longer appears historic. The fountain restoration specialists at W.P. Law take every step necessary to ensure authenticity and to calm the fears of those who hire them.

“Our experienced team has completed a variety of historical reworks of fountains to the delight of the owners” says Tom Plumblee, President and CEO of W.P. Law Inc. “We have been designing, installing and repairing fountains since 1992, and are proud to be one of the best in the industry.”

“We take great pride in the historical rework of fountains, as it allows us to be a part of the preservation of landmarks and other important features of the towns, cities, parks and more in this great country.”

About W.P. Law

W.P. Law is a fluid handling equipment supplier, fountain specialist and landscape solutions company that was founded in 1970. With 7 locations throughout South Carolina, they serve a variety of industries, as well as individual homeowners. For more information check them out on the web at WPLawinc.com or by calling 1-803-461-0599.


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