Wastewater Pump Stations – Cleaning our Nation’s water supply

Wastewater pump stations – Where does it go when you flush?

Have you ever wondered what actually happens when you flush your toilets? Where does all that waste go?

Your community has an entire system of underground pipes that carry the waste water away from your home and into a waste water treatment facility. Waste water pump stations are used to transfer this waste water to treatment facilities. They play a vital role in removing the waste from our country’s water supply.

Once the waste water arrives at the treatment facility, the water is moved into a large tank where the solid materials drop to the bottom and the oil is removed. The water is then pumped into another tank where it is cleaned and any bacterial material is removed. The final step is to sanitize and purify the water.

At the end of this process, the water is pumped into local waterways such as canals, lakes and other large bodies of water. It is then pumped back into our communities. Without the valuable wastewater pump stations, we risk running out of clean water for our daily use.

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