4 Easy Solutions to Protect Your Garden from Pests


It’s disappointing to discover that animal pests have invaded your garden and that you don’t have the quality of vegetables that you expected. Whether it’s gophers, moles, birds, or another type of pest, you can expect to see critters taking advantage of your garden.

Not all animals are bad for your garden. For example, bees help pollenate your garden, ladybugs help control aphids and many other harmless insects feed on other bugs that could be harmful to your garden.

If you have specific pests invading your lawn, you may need a more tailored approach:

Protecting Young Plants

Plants are most venerable when they are freshly planted, and young. The best way to protect this portion of your garden is a physical barrier. This will discourage animals like deer and rabbits from feasting on younger plants before they have the chance to strengthen and flourish.

Gophers and Moles

Not only do these burrowing animals ruin your vegetables, they can wreak havoc on your lawn. One solution is to use an electronic rodent repeller. After you dig a small hole in the ground and place the device, it emits a noise that frightens these pests and keeps them away from your garden.


Placing screening over your vegetable garden is the best way to prevent birds out. To start, place stakes approximately three feet apart and around the outer perimeter of your plants. Next, stretch a long string from one corner to the other and around the plants’ perimeter to attach it to the stakes. Lastly, place the netting over the string and pull it tight and secure to the ground.

Chemicals and Fertilizers

Some pests are so persistent that you may need to apply chemicals or fertilizers that could potentially deter them. If you go this route, be sure to keep the supplies away from your own pets.

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