Remote Control for Your Irrigation System


You have a T.V. remote, a stereo remote, ceiling fan remote, garage remote, car remote and maybe some of you even have remotes for your spouse and kids…so why not an irrigation system remote?

Today’s technologies are ever evolving and attempting to make our lives easier in this fast- paced rat race we constantly try to survive in. Irrigation systems are not what they were ten years ago, even five years ago!  Irrigation has become more automated and is advancing just as computers, cell phones, and televisions have in recent years.

Manufacturers now have hand held remotes (ie. Rain Bird LIMR  and Weathermatic SLRC-KIT-HUB) that can be used to retrofit to their controllers so that with relative ease and reasonable cost you can sit on your porch and turn on your irrigation system. You can advance through the zones and programs to check the system and locate valves for troubleshooting.  If you are out of town frequently, there are systems that can be monitored and controlled using a computer that has internet access, a phone line, ethernet and in some cases a smart phone (ie. Tucor: RKS ,RKD, and TWC or Rain Bird IQ ).

These systems will allow you to change schedules, programs, run diagnostic test, set-up safeties to guard against leaks, log data, and contact you if there is a problem. There are also controllers that are called “smart irrigation controllers” that know what the weather is in terms of temperature, rain, humidity, and wind. As well as, they know what type of grass, soil, and sprinkler heads are in your yard. These “smart controllers” decide how long your system needs to run in order to apply the correct amount of water for your grass and plants’ needs. (ie. Weathermatic Smartline, Rain Bird  ESP-SMT, and Tucor)

Your property is very valuable to you monetarily and aesthetically. Keeping it up can be very rewarding, but also take-up a considerable amount of your precious time. Upgrading your irrigation system with some type of remote system can make your life easier and even your yard greener.

If you would like more information on ways to remote your irrigation system, please visit our website at or call one of our local offices.



Stephen Sprouse

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