How can I get an old well into working condition again?

Old Well

An older, nonworking well can seem like nothing more than a nuisance on your property. Even if you’ve been at the location for years, old, nonworking wells can be revitalized. If you are thinking about bringing back into service here are a few things to consider.

Inspecting the Problem

The first step is always to determine the underlying problem and the overall condition of the well. If you have yet to do so, hire a professional well driller to provide a full inspection. Remember, too, that conditions can change and information passed down from other owners can differ from actual circumstances.

An inspection will confirm critical information about the well such as the depth and flow rate. It will also determine the condition of the mechanical components of the well such as the pump, motor, wiring and casing. Water quality is also a big issue depending on how the well will be used and water testing is often necessary. This information gathering can then outline a few steps you can take to get that old well back up and running again.

Assessment, Treatment, Replacement

A customized solution for your well is necessary. It may involve these three elements:

  • Assessment: Evaluate the physical characteristics of the well, the condition of the pumping equipment, and the water quality.
  • Treatment: Treating the well with chlorine may be necessary to kill harmful bacteria.
  • Replacement: Replacing the pump, pump motor, wiring, and drop pipe will allow for many years of renewed service.

Which is the right solution to your well problem? That depends on many factors. If you are considering drilling a new well, hold off long enough to have a professional out to look at your current well or an older well on the property. Of course, it is helpful to know why this well is no longer used, but many times the right help can help resolve these problems for you.

W.P. Law, Inc. is here to help you. Contact us today to discuss the specific areas of concern you have as well as why you think your old well is no longer usable. Chances are good repairs and replacements can happen to help get that well back up and operational in no time.

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