Repairing PVC Irrigation Pipes and Water Lines

Repairing broken water line and irrigation pipes.

Repairing broken water and irrigation pipes has been made a lot simpler
by the use of a Flo-Span coupling, also known as a telescoping coupling
or an expansion repair coupling. In the past, repairing broken water
lines and irrigation pipes required digging up several feet of the line
in order to flex it enough to put a standard glue coupling in place, or
you had to flex the pipe enough to slide a gasket repair coupling onto
the pipe. Both of these required a lot more labor than using the
Flo-Span coupling.

 With this device you just cut out the broken place,
glue one end of the flow span coupling and then slide out the
telescoping section and glue it into place. It’s a labor saving fitting
that should be on every repair truck. If you have any questions or would
like to see one of these fittings, please stop by one of our locations.

Lee Canaday

W.P. Law Inc. 

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