Replacement Irrigation or Sprinkler Pumps for Submersibles on Lake Hartwell

Earlier this month the U.S. Army Corps or Engineers announced that submersible pumps on Lake Hartwell used for irrigation or domestic use will be banned.  This announcement stems from a near electrocution of a swimmer last year.  As the spring season starts off, many property owners on Lake Hartwell will need to replace their existing submersible pumps to be in compliance with the new ruling in order to use the lake to supply water to their sprinkler systems.

Lake Hartwell property owners will want to use a centrifugal style pump to replace their existing submersible pumps.  Centrifugal pumps are considered safer because the electrical portion of the pump does not come in contact with water.  This style of pump sits above the shore line and draws water up out of the lake.

When Lake Hartwell property owners are searching for a replacement irrigation or sprinkler pump, they should be aware that not all pumps are created equally.  Centrifugal pumps are available in varying horsepower and can have single or multiple impellers.  Centrifugal pumps with the same horsepower can differ greatly depending on the manufacturer.  When sizing an irrigation pump, several factors are important to take into consideration such as elevation, flow rate, and size and type of components used in the irrigation system.  Use the pump sizing calculator below to enter information on your sprinkler system to find out which type of centrifugal pump will deliver the necessary performance to help maximize your irrigation system.

Pump Sizing Calculator

Submersible pumps are very effective for pushing water and supplying the necessary flow and pressure needed for irrigation systems.  Centrifugal pumps differ in that they draw water out of the lake.  Centrifugal pumps should be located as close to the lake as possible without intruding onto the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers property.  If sized properly, centrifugal pumps can be as effective as submersibles, but individuals should aware that performance can vary between manufacturers.

Homeowners on Lake Hartwell should be aware that not all pumps deliver the necessary performance their irrigation or sprinkler systems will need.  Many of the big box stores sell pumps that may seem attractive but fall short from delivering adequate pressure and flow needed for sprinklers.  The professionals at W.P. Law Inc. can assist individuals in making the right pump selection to meet their irrigation needs.

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