Residential Water Features – Safety Tips To Keep Your Family Safe

residential water features

5 safety precautions for residential water features.

If you are thinking about installing residential water features in your yard, and you have small children or small animals, you will need to consider safety. Children, animals, and even adults can fall into that water, and get hurt and possibly drown.

Here are several suggestions for safety precautions you should follow.

• Pondless water features: Consider water features that don’t have standing water at the base to prevent accidental drowning of pets and small children.

• Fencing around ponds: Ponds pose drowning threats and should be fenced off if there are small pets or children around. Another important thing to consider is that standing water attracts insects like mosquitoes that not only cause discomfort when they bite but also carry disease.

• Electrical: Make sure all electrical installation is done by a professional electrician and has passed inspection.

• Pond grids: Pond safety grids are ideal to protect children and pets from accidental drowning. Essentially, they are metal grids that lay over the top of the pond to prevent children and pets from falling into the ponds.

• Supervision: Nothing beats adult supervision to prevent accidents. If you have water on your property, you should learn CPR in case someone has an accident involving water.

For more information about residential water features, contact the experts at W. P. Law, Inc.

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