Smart Irrigation Systems

smart irrigation systems

Technology meets irrigation systems

When it comes to having a beautiful and well cared for landscaping one of the key components is having adequate water. Irrigation controllers have been around for decades and have allowed us to automate the mundane task of turning irrigation systems on and off. Irrigation controllers typically allow the operator the options of selecting the day and time that an irrigation cycle will start, what zone(s) will run and for how long. In many cases the irrigation run time is an educated guess. While irrigation run times can be calculated to apply a given amount of water over a given area, these calculations do not factor in the weather conditions on a given day.

Behold the “smart” irrigation controller. Smart controllers utilize an on-site weather station to adjust irrigation run times on an as needed basis. Smart controllers also take into account the soil type, plant material, and historical climate data. Because smart controllers can “think” they can make irrigation run-time adjustments. They will allow the irrigation system to run more frequently during dry periods and less frequently on cloudy or rainy days.

Smart controllers not only provide a more healthy landscape they also help conserve our most precious natural resource.

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