3 Ways To Troubleshoot Sprinkler Head Issues


If you have an irrigation system installed on your property, you know how critical it is to have it working properly. When sprinkler head issues arise, they need to be taken care of as soon as possible to prevent water waste, crop damage and more. Here are three ways to troubleshoot sprinkler head issues.

1. Uneven Spray

Watch your sprinkler head when it’s in action. Is the spray consistent, or does it sputter, or produce an uneven spray? If it’s the latter, the problem might be as simple as a clogged sprinkler head. Lawn cuttings, dust and dirt can get kicked up while you’re mowing, or during heavy rainfall. It lands on your sprinkler head and clogs the holes where the water comes out. You can remove the nozzle and clean any debris that may have accumulated.

2. Yellow grass

If you have yellow grass in an area around a sprinkler head, you probably have a leak. Overwatering almost always leads to yellowing. To check, walk around the area and see if the ground feels spongy. You can also watch the area while the sprinkler system is running and see if you notice water bubbling to the surface. If you notice either of these problems chances are you have a leak and you will need to dig down to the pipe to locate and repair it.

Take care of this as soon as possible, because even one leaking sprinkler head can drive up your water bills.

3. Dead Grass

If you have an area of dried or brown grass, then that area is not receiving adequate water. Typically this means that a sprinkler head is not rotating or a zone valve is not opening. Simply watch the system while it is operating and see if you have a head that is not rotating. If that is the case, then simply replace it. If you have an area where several sprinklers are not popping up and working, then you most likely have an issue with a valve or a programming error on your controller.

These are three easy ways to troubleshoot common sprinkler head issues. For more assistance with your sprinkler system, contact us today.

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