The Happy Farmer’s Guide to Drip Irrigation Products

Happy farmers know drip irrigation products provide an efficient way to keep crops watered.

The Happy Farmer's Guide to Drip Irrigation Products

Drip irrigation products are a water saving addition to any irrigation system, taking care of plants while showing kindness to the overall environment. This method of watering works with water moving at low pressure through plastic pipes. Small emission devices in these pipes distribute the water in a slow even drip giving the perfect measure of water to plants when placed at a proper distance.

Drip irrigation works well in a wide variety of soil types. Because water is applied at a slow rate it has time to soak into the soil before running off. Since water runoff is almost completely eliminated, drip irrigation is ideal for irrigating crops grown on hillsides.

Since drip irrigation uses small orifices to control the flow of water, clogging can be a problem. But with the proper selection and use of a quality filtration system, clogging is rarely a problem.

Water quality can also be an issue with drip irrigation products, but economical water treatment solutions can solve most water quality issues.

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