The Modern Way to Conserve Water with Agricultural Irrigation


In many regions of the country, water is becoming an increasingly precious resource; and sustainable, profitable agriculture depends more and more upon the effective management and conservation of resources.

Fortunately, modern irrigation technology has provided a number of ways in which the consumption of water can be minimized

Drip (Micro) Irrigation Systems

In a drip irrigation system the water is delivered close to the roots of the plants minimizing losses due to runoff and evaporation that typically occur when a traditional sprinkler or spray system is used.

Drip irrigation also allows for water to be delivered during the cooler hours of the day, further reducing evaporation losses. Water can also be directed to the correct root depth to inhibit take up by weeds.

It’s estimate that a well-designed and monitored drip system can reduce water consumption by as much as 70-80%.

Proper Scheduling

Effective scheduling depends knowing the water requirements of the crop you are growing and having the ability to accurately measure the amount of moisture in the soil.

Proper scheduling can not only save you money in pumping costs, but can also reduce the potential for certain diseases and save you money on your spray bill.

Smart Irrigation Systems

The most advanced irrigation systems now include sensors which can monitor the levels of moisture in the soil and make any necessary adjustments to the amount of water being delivered.

These systems therefore precisely optimize the amount of water being used, eliminating waste while also ensuring adequate hydration.

A number of smartphone apps are also now available which allow farmers to control and adjust their irrigation systems remotely.

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