The Victory Garden School of Automated Plant Watering Systems

What type of automatic plant watering system is right for your garden, business, or lawn?

The Victory Garden School of Automated Plant Watering Systems

Victory gardens are making a comeback. No wonder they’re popular; they yield whole, fresh, and local produce, they’re a morale boost to those who tend them, and they provide built-in exercise from planting to weeding.

Not only do gardens require the sweat of your brow, they also need regular watering, no matter what Mother Nature provides. That’s where automated plant watering systems come in handy. A system that is installed properly helps owners water the garden on a set schedule. Most systems are metered and help save on your water bills too.

Determining the water pressure and the amount of water (flow rate) that you have available in your location will be an important step. Each system has different requirements so it’s important to know this information before installing.

• Micro-spray systems work well with orchard crops such as apple and peaches where the root zones are spread over a large area. Micro-spray systems also work well in loose porous soils such as those found in planting containers and annual beds. Micro-spray systems operate at low pressure (typically 30 psi) and a typical micro sprinkler will have a flow rate of between 10-30 gallons per hour.

• Drip systems use emitters to apply water in drops to the plant’s root zone. Drip systems also operate at low pressure (typically 30 psi) and a drip typical drip emitter will have a flow rate of 0.5, 1, or 2 gallons per hour. Drip emitters can either be externally installed by punching them into the drip tubing, or they can come pre-installed in the tubing at a regular spaced interval (typically 12”, 18”, 24”, and 36”).

• In ground pop-up sprinkler systems are the best automatic plant watering system for the lawn. The sprinkler heads pop up when water is turned on and retract back when water is turned off. This allows you to mow without hitting the sprinklers. Pop-up sprinklers consist of two types, rotary sprinklers and fixed patter spray heads. Rotary lawn sprinklers typically have a radius of 15 to 40 feet. Spray heads usually have a radius of 8 to 18 feet.

Contact us with your questions on automated plant watering systems or anything else you need for your own victory garden.

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