Three Common Mistakes People Make When Watering Their Lawn  


A lot of money and effort goes into keeping your lawn looking healthy. Poor watering habits often have the opposite effect on your grass. Make sure you’re not indulging in any of these bad watering techniques

Watering When It’s Hot

Don’t make the mistake of watering during the day while the sun’s beaming down. Water evaporates quickly and never makes it to the grass roots, leaving your grass still thirsting for refreshment.

Try watering early in the morning while it’s cool to give water a chance to sink down into the soil.

Using Too Much Water

Many people respond to brown spots in their grass with more water. You could end up depriving your roots of oxygen by oversaturating them and they will suffocate and die. Limit your watering days and do regular checks to your irrigation system to keep it functioning properly.

Watering at Night

The best time to water is early in the morning. This allows the blades of the grass to dry during the day. Watering at night allows the grass to stay damp for long periods of time thus causing your lawn to be vulnerable to disease and insects.

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