Three Great Sprinkler Systems for Your Money

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There is no such thing as one sprinkler system that fits every application. In addition to soil type and the amount of water required, you have to consider details like pressure and flow requirements, application rate, and spacing. The good news is, you have economical, effective options for practically any situation. Here are three solid options:

Spray Head: This system does precisely what the name implies. It sprays water in a fixed pattern. It does not rotate or change directions. Spray heads are typically used in small irregular shaped areas. Although spray heads are used to cover small areas, the have high application rates and are run for short periods of time. Spray heads should ever be run with other types sprinkler heads.

Rotor: These sprinklers are often installed at ground level and rotate a stream of water over a medium to large coverage area. Unlike a spray head, you can water a more expansive area with fewer sprinkler heads. They are also quiet when operating.

Impact: You’ll know an impact sprinkler as much by its sound as by sight because of the rhythmic impact the sprinkler arm makes as it hits the water stream. This sprinkler has a coverage area similar to rotors. Because of their design, that simulates natural rainfall) impacts have a higher uniformity than other types of sprinklers.

Beyond these basic sprinkler types, you still need to consider details like nozzle size, pressure and space. That’s where the professionals at WP Law can help. Please contact us any time for professional advice on the right sprinkler system for you.

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