Tips & Tricks to Keeping Your Drain Free from Debris This Fall

Drains are common in commercial buildings and homes in the south and are essential for keeping excess water away from your building, home, foundation, driveway, and landscaping. In the fall, when leaves are falling, and there is extra debris on the ground, it’s critical to keep those drains clear. Here are some tips and tricks to help.

Rake Your Yard

Raking your yard can keep your yard healthy, but it can also help prevent drain blockages. Blowing leaves might be easier than raking. If you go that route, be sure to blow them away from drains and the street. Collect them in one place and bag them up.

Keep Landscaping Trimmed and Maintained

Excess branches and landscaping debris can be the first to clog your drains. However, regular maintenance, including trimming, can keep it out of your drains. After trimming, be sure to bag the waste, so it doesn’t end up in your or the street storm drains.

Install Proper Filters and Guards

One of the best ways to prevent debris from getting lodged in your drains is with the right filters and guards. It’s vital to ensure proper installation and to secure them so they won’t dislodge easily. Once installed, they require cleaning throughout the season and after storms that might wash debris into the traps.

Every home and business should have proper drainage. If left unchecked, those drains can fill with debris like leaves, dirt, and sticks. When this happens, your home or building could be in danger of flooding, rot, mold, and damage. Before you risk it, contact the team at W.P. Law.

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