Treating Ugly Rust Stains from Irrigation Water

How do I treat and prevent these ugly rust stains on my driveway and foundation?

We all take pride in our homes and that includes the landscape as well.  We spend a lot of time, money and effort to try and make our lawns as beautiful as possible.  It is very frustrating when our irrigation system sprays on our driveway and foundation and produces those ugly rust stains.  It really takes away from the beauty of our homes.  So what can we do about it?

Rid O’ Rust Stain Remover will remover will get rid of those unsightly stains.   Simply apply Rid O’ Rust Stain remover with a tank sprayer, roller, or brush and watch those stains disappear.  It really is that simple.

Now that we have gotten rid of those stains, how do we prevent them from reoccurring?  The first step is to stop into your local W.P. Law Inc. and get a free well water sample bottle test kit.  Fill the bottle with your water sample, fill out the information on the form and send it off to Rid O’ Rust.  Rid o’ Rust will analyze your water sample and tell you exactly what is needed to prevent the staining.  Once you know what you need, come into W.P. Law Inc and our expert staff will help you with your new Rid O’ Rust system.   

Don’t let the beauty of your landscape be hindered by ugly rust stains.  Let Rid O’ Rust and W.P. Law Inc. help you have the best looking landscape in your neighborhood.

Don Martine
W.P. Law Inc.

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