Troubleshooting: 3 Common Sump Pump Issues

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It is happening again – your basement is backing up and there’s water coming in from the walls. It could be due to a failure with your sump pump. This system works to remove water from the drain tiles surrounding a home and moves it out into a sewer system or otherwise away from the home. In some homes, it is critical to keeping the home dry. Consider these common causes of sump pump failures.

1. Power Failures

The most common cause of a sump pump failing to work is a power failure. If your power goes off in a storm, it’s important to get it restored quickly to ensure your sump pump is operational. Secondary options for homes with significant drainage problems include using a battery back-up or using a generator.

2. Poor Installation

Sump pumps can be troublesome to install and maintain because they need to be just right. If the sump pump is the wrong size, such as being too small for the area, it cannot meet demand and will not perform as it should. Second, if the pump is not installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, even small mistakes can lead to significant complications. A check valve installed, for example, is easily overlooked by many homeowners. However, most manufacturers recommend this to ensure that back-flow of water doesn’t cause the pump impeller to rotate in the wrong direction.

3. Poor Maintenance

You do need to maintain your system. To do that, consider these tips:

  • Many homes require backup pumps. If you have one, unplug the first one and run the secondary one for a few days to ensure it is working properly.
  • Test the pump to ensure it is discharging water properly. Go outside to look for this. Do this every month.
  • Ensure the air hole in the discharge line is clean and clear.
  • Listen to the motor running. Does it sound normal and smooth?
  • Ensure the float is not restricted.

It is often best to have a professional inspect and repair your sump pump if it is not working properly. This can help you avoid thousands of dollars worth of damage from an incoming flood.

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