7 Tips for Troubleshooting Your Commercial Chemical Injection System  


Commercial chemical injection pumps are used in a wide range of applications including water treatment facilities, industrial processes, and food production and processing. Injection pumps allow producers to inject chemicals at a specified rate on an intermittent or continuous rate depending upon what the application requires. In many cases if the ratio between the injected chemical and the process fluid in not consistent the product may become sub-standard or unfit for use. Chemical injection pumps help to deliver and maintain perfect chemical-to-product ratios.

In the event a commercial injection pump malfunctions, plant maintenance staff should be able to identify and solve any simple problems.  In cases where the injection pumps are neglected, a problem is not identified until it creates a production problem.

How to troubleshoot your commercial chemical injection system:

Consider checking the following things when troubleshooting an injection pump.

1. Check whether the pump is receiving power

2. Check if the pump’s chemical tank has any chemical in it

3. Find out if the pump air is locked

4. Check if there is any water trapped in the air or gas regulator

5. Check if the chemical filter is clogged

6. Find out if the valves and seats are dirty or worn out

7. Check if the chemical metering is set accurately

If you want more tips on how to troubleshoot a commercial chemical injection system, contact W.P. Law, Inc. today!

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