Two Common Irrigation Pipe Problems

common irrigation pipe problems

Repair of broken or damaged irrigation pipes.

Damaged or leaking irrigation pipes not only waste water but can cause problems with how your irrigation system performs. The first sign of a leaking pipe is usually a wet area in your yard that never seems to dry out. Digging in this area is usually the first place to start when looking for the source of the leak. Depending on the soil type and the typography the source of the leak may be several feet from the identifying wet spot. Once you have identified the source of the leak, you can now evaluate your repair options.

Here are two common irrigation pipe repair methods.

1. Cracked or split pipes: Leaks resulting from cracked or split pipes can usually be repaired using epoxy coated fiberglass wraps. These repair kits contain an epoxy resin and a fiberglass mesh that is wrapped around the pipe. When the epoxy cures the leak is fixed. This type of repair is used primarily when the leak is small and removing the damaged section of pipe would be difficult (i.e. around a valve manifold). When using epoxy fiberglass repair kits always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and wear hand and eye protection.

2. Broken or severely damaged pipes: If a pipe is completely severed or has a portion missing then the damaged piece of piping needs to be replaced. Telescoping couplings make this repair much easier. After removing the damaged section of piping, the telescoping coupling is compressed to fit into the space left by the removed section of piping. The telescoping coupling is expanded and glued into place. Telescoping couplings are also known by trade names such as Flo-Span®, Pro-Span®, and Slip-Fix®, to name a few.

Damaged pipes can easily be repaired using materials purchased at an irrigation supply company.

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