Understanding Irrigation Filters

What do you need to know about irrigation filters?

Understanding Irrigation Filters

Irrigation filters are an essential part of maintaining a reliable irrigation system. They can save you the hassle and expense of costly repairs and system down time. Proper filtration can prevent damage to sprinkler heads and valves from sand and other debris that can be pumped from wells and bodies of surface water. Filtration is an absolute must for drip and micro-irrigation systems. These systems have small orifices that can easily become clogged by algae and other organic and inorganic particles.

Screen filters are the most common type of filtration used in irrigation applications. They are cost effective and can perform effectively across a wide range of varying water quality and are well suited for sprinkler and drip irrigation system applications. Disc filters and sand media filters are also commonly used in irrigation applications, although they are mostly used for drip or micro-sprinkler irrigation systems.

Although there are different filtration options on the market today, the one thing they all have in common is that they need to be cleaned regularly. Automatic self-cleaning screen filters make this task almost effortless. Other filtration systems such as sand media and disc also have automated self-cleaning options to remove debris.

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