3 Ways to Keep Your Water Feature Mosquito Free


Water features add a lot of appeal to any landscape, but they also tend to attract mosquitos. Mosquitos are drawn to water because they need it to reproduce. However, there are at least three ways to keep your water feature mosquito free.

1. Install a Fountain

Mosquitos don’t like water that moves. They prefer still water because that’s where they can lay eggs and reproduce. So the very best thing you can do to eliminate mosquitos is to install a nozzle in your water feature.

2. Use Vinegar

Pouring vinegar into your water feature is another way of eliminating mosquitos. The vinegar alters the pH balance of the water so that it’s not conducive for mosquito reproduction. It will also ensure that any mosquito eggs that have already been laid don’t hatch, as well as killing off any existing mosquito larvae. You would need to add 15 gallons of vinegar for every 100 gallons of water in the feature. For best results, repeat this every month, since the vinegar may evaporate over time.

3. Stock With Fish

If your water feature contains fish, the mosquito population will be kept in control naturally. Fish such as Koi and Shubunkins feed on mosquitos and other insects. Some varieties of fish can eat up to 100 larvae every day.

Each of these three methods will keep your water feature mosquito free. Of the three, the nozzle is the one with the least maintenance, and it also adds an attractive element to your water feature, contact us today!

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