Water Features – Is a Fish Pond Right for You?

water features

A fish pond or other water features offer wonderful refuge for area wildlife.

Adding a fish pond to your landscaping is a fun and creative way to express your unique style. A fish pond can add natural beauty to your landscaping and will attract a variety of wildlife to your yard.

Birds of all types, butterflies, insects, frogs and other small animals will flock to your water feature. If you don’t have an interest in attracting these types of animals, you may want to reconsider installing a fish pond.

Some of the wildlife that may be attracted to your pond can even be dangerous and bothersome to you. Mosquitos, bees, water snakes, spiders and squirrels, may become unwelcome in your yard. While squirrels may seem harmless enough, they tend to bother vegetable gardens.

Safety precautions should be taken if you have small children or small pets. Standing water can be tempting to small children and accidental drowning can occur.

There are many pros and cons to adding a fish pond to your garden that should be considered before installation. Know what they are and take the time to research the maintenance necessary to properly maintain your fish pond before you build.

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