4 Reasons We Love Residential Sprinkler Timers


Sprinkler water timers are an efficient way to manage and keep your home’s irrigation needs in check. They can save you a lot of time, effort, and money in watering your lawn, helping you kill several birds with one stone.

Here are a few reasons why we love sprinkler water timers:

They take the guesswork out

Sprinkler water timers help you take the guesswork out of your lawn irrigation and maintenance. They let you establish a watering schedule that ensures your lawn is irrigated regularly. Even when you are not around, water sprinkler timers ensure your lawn is consistently watered at the set intervals.

They guarantee saturation

Lawn watering is never about making the grass wet. Too little water or too much water for your lawn is unhealthy. Therefore, lawn watering should be about saturating the soil and getting water to the grass’ roots to nourish it. Water timers help you achieve this by ensuring the lawn is watered at the appropriate time and at the right place, guaranteeing perfect saturation at all times.

They offer customizability

With season changes, or even with day-to-day weather changes, it’s vital to change your watering schedule to fit each weather pattern. Water sprinkler timers help you customize your watering schedule to adapt to each season or weather change, all year round.

They save money

Water timers help you save money by regulating the amount of water used watering a lawn. Without water timers, your sprinklers don’t know when to stop, and if you are not around, they can flood the lawn.

Consider installing sprinkler water timers on your lawn today and enjoy all the above benefits. Contact the professionals at WP Law Inc. for more on timers!

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