Aggressive perennial weed with sharply pointed underground runners. Stems are very erect and stiff. Leaves folded or flat. Seedheads on stiff branches. Reproduces from underground runners primarily. Prefers moist sites. Very robust grassy weed.

Yellow Nutsedge

Perennial sedge with narrow tipped leaves. Produces a yellowish-brown seedhead at the end of triangular shaped stems. Produces individual tubers that are not in chains like Purple Nutsedge. Reproduces primarily by tubers. Grows during warmer months.


Perennial weed that grows from a bulb with narrow somewhat glossy leaves. Leaves have a noticeable midrib. Produces a white flower with six petals. Grows during the cooler months of the year. Reproduces by seed and underground bulb.

Purple Nutsedge

Perennial sedge with dark, glossy leaves that taper abruptly. Seedheads purple to reddish brown in color at the end of triangular stems. Produces underground tubers that are hairy and oblong. Spreads rapidly primarily by tubers.

Broadleaf Signalgrass

Grassy summer annual weed with short, wide leaf blades. Leaf blades are partly folded or creased near the tip. Name derives from the branch angles that form a “signal flag.” Growth is upright and spreads as plant matures. Reproduces annually from seed.


Warm-season perennial grassy weed that forms mats through its aggressive growth. Contains shallow rooted or exposed rhizomes (underground runners) that are purplish to red in color. Produces “V” shaped seedheads.


Grassy perennial weed that grows in clumps. Leaves are long, flat and rounded at tip. Produces narrow seedhead that is often black in appearance due to a fungus that infects the seeds. Reproduces by seeds.

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