What are the Right Irrigation System Components for Your Farm?

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4 Types of irrigation systems for farms.

Irrigation is vital when it comes to providing the required water your crops need. With most of our nation still in the grips of one of the worst droughts in our history, many farmers are installing irrigation.

Researching the right type of irrigation system for your farm is the first step to ensuring you are getting the best irrigation for your particular crops. You also want to consider the major system components, how they operate and their long term reliability.

Here are four irrigation systems options to consider:

1. Pumping stations:
Water is typically pumped from a nearby body of water and carried through piping to irrigate crops. There are many options to choose from when it comes to pumping stations. What is my power source, diesel, propane, or electric are all options? Will the pump station be operated manually or automatically? What is my water source, lake, river, pond, or well?

2. Overhead irrigation system:
Overhead irrigation systems include impact sprinklers, Big Gun® sprinklers, traveling guns, and center pivots. These systems provide irrigation by applying water over the crops.

3. Low volume and drip irrigation systems:
Low volume irrigation systems include both drip and micro-sprinkler systems. These systems apply water under the crop canopy at a very slow application rate compared to overhead irrigation systems. Low volume systems are much more efficient and use less energy to operate than traditional overhead irrigation systems.

4. Filtration system:
All drip irrigation systems require some type of filtration. The type of filtration required depends largely on the water quality and type of irrigation system. The filtration system is not the place to pinch pennies and try to save a buck. A quality, reliable filtration system will pay for itself many times over by preventing plugged emitters and other problems.

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