What Can Cause Extreme Fluctuations in Water Pressure?

Water hose with low pressure

Water pressure fluctuation is one of the most commonly reported troubles with fluid handling systems. When you have a system in place to deliver water, fertilizer or other liquids, you should be able to rely on a consistent, measurable flow. If you are experiencing extreme fluctuations, one of the following issues might be the cause.

Air in the Pipes

When air gets trapped in a piping system it acts as a valve and can “pinch off” or reduce the effective pipe size reducing flow and causing additional pressure loss due to friction. Air will usually accumulate at the highest point in the piping system, but it can also accumulate in fittings and valves, especially when there is a sudden concentric reduction in pipe size. Symptoms include sputtering, a lack of flow, and then a sudden burst. Air in the pipes can be caused by a leaking suction line, damaged tank bladders, a faulty pump, gas build up in the well system, or one or more leaks in the pipe line.

Municipal Water Failure

From time to time, municipalities experience water failures that can impact entire neighborhoods. In addition, in areas experiencing severe drought, municipalities may redirect water for urgent use elsewhere. If you suspect that external forces might cause a drop in pressure, check with neighbors to see if they’re having similar problems, or call the town hall for updates on water supply issues.

Pressure Regulator Malfunction

Too much pressure can cause pipes to leak or burst, and of course leads to waste. If you are seeing signs of sudden pressure bursts, take a look at the pressure regulator. These are intended to help to control the pressure and protect your fluid handling system. You can ensure that the regulator works as a safety mechanism by installing it at the water meter just as it comes in from your municipal supplier. Proper water pressure on an irrigation system will also help reduce misting and water waste.

Broken Pipe

If everything is going along smoothly and the water flow drops to a trickle, there may be a broken pipeline. Major leaks and breaks will cause a dramatic reduction in pressure and flow.
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