What is the best fertilizer for my lawn?

When it comes to feeding your lawn, it can be really hard to figure out which fertilizer will do the job.

Lawn Fertilizer

Do you need immediate results or slow release? Micronutrients or more general fertilizer? Sprayed or broadcast? Unfortunately, because all lawns are a little bit different, the answer is different.

Start with a soil test

The best place to start when determining which fertilizer will work best is obtaining a good soil test. Take a soil sample that includes soil from several areas of your lawn, taking soil from 4-6″ deep, the average depth of turf grass roots. Put the soil into a quart size plastic bag, and take it to your county’s extension office, operated by your state’s land grant college. Typically running between $10-30, the soil test will provide you with a report that has very specific details of what your lawn needs in terms of fertilizer. W. P. Law, Inc. also offers this service as well.

Set up a seasonal schedule

Though it’s not something we often take into account when we think about fertilizing a lawn, a schedule is important. Well maintained landscapes, golf courses, athletic fields and even your neighborhood’s “Yard of the Month” do not look spectacular because someone makes one fertilizer application every spring. Maintaining a healthy lawn usually requires some type of application every month or so. Sometimes this application is fertilizer, other times it is an application of pre-emergent herbicide or a fungicide. An easy way to keep on top of things is to sign up for a reminder email from W. P. Law, Inc. Every time your lawn needs something seasonal, you will get a simple email reminding you what to do and when you need to do it. To subscribe to this free service click here.

Select a fertilizer

Now that you know what your lawn needs and how often you can apply it, it’s time to select a fertilizer. Choose a fertilizer that has a ratio of nutrients in line with your soil test report and can be applied according to your schedule. You can also talk to a professional at W. P. Law, Inc. about our organic soil amendments as well.

The last thing to look at is lime. If your soil test report recommends a certain amount of lime to adjust your lawn’s pH, make sure you apply it for the healthiest lawn.

Now that you’ve had an opportunity to determine the best fertilizer for your lawn, it’s time to get to work. Get a soil test, pick a fertilizer, and put it into play. If you need tools, fertilizers or other lawn care needs, please feel free to contact us.

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