What Landscape Professionals Are Saying About Watering Systems

Watering Systems Cut Costs and Water Waste

What Landscape Professionals Are Saying About Watering Systems

Water management systems are becoming mandated in certain areas. The expanding drought across the western United States is creating water stress in many places not normally prone to water shortages. These communities are going to have to make do with less water. But what can the right watering system do to help?

The Rising Cost of Water

Let’s examine an example of this “making do” water situation. In Sacramento, CA, in the middle of December, water restrictions are put into place. During this time, the volume of water in the Folsom Dam is less than 20 percent capacity.

Most of California has a Mediterranean climate, which means hot dry summers offset by cool wet winters. The rainy season begins in October and usually ends in March. During the wettest part of the year, water is now scarce in Sacramento.

Late rains in February soak the ground, but they don’t do much for solving the oncoming water problems that will be faced during the summer. Snow in the mountains feeds the rivers. Unfortunately, there isn’t much.

This is the story all across the West, but it’s no different in the Southeast. Homeowners, gardeners, and farmers have to adapt to what may be a 14-year drought. Watering systems should be installed to help conserve the supplies available. The longer we wait to address this problem, the higher the cost of water is going to rise and the more each of us will pay for basic necessities.

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