What Role Does Welding Play In Maintaining a Sanitary Piping System?

Welding a Piping System

Welding plays an important role in properly maintaining a sanitary piping system. Strengthening joints, improving corrosion resistance, and enhancing piping structures are just a few of the benefits that proper welding techniques can achieve. In this vein, there are there are certain tactics that should be carefully employed when welding a pipe.

Important Factors To Consider When Welding A Sanitary Piping System

There are several important items that should be carefully considered before you begin the process of pipe maintenance or other welding activities. After all, a failure to properly weld a pipe can result in leaks, weaknesses, corrosion, and other costly mistakes.

  • Consider the importance of a clean environment. — Welding pipes made from stainless steel will require you to use a dedicated set of brushes, files, and grinders. These tools should never touch carbon steel or aluminum. When it comes to welding and maintaining sanitary piping systems, cleanliness is critical. Trace elements of foreign materials can all too easily be incorporated into a weld joint. If these foreign materials are accidentally welded into the joint, then reduced strength and corrosion resistance might occur.
  • Use best practice welding techniques for optimized results. — The welding process should only be completed by professionals whom are capable of achieving high-quality results. The actual act of welding will play a crucial role in the control of heat input and cooling, which directly correlates to the pipe’s ability to withstand distortion and corrosion.
  • Monitor and actively combat the harmful effects of sensitization. — Sensitization of a piping system occurs if there is an extensive loss of corrosion resistance. It is greatly affected by the temperatures at which the weld cools, as well as the filler metal and base material.

As seen in the above examples, welding plays a critical role in the maintenance of a sanitary piping system. A failure to conduct proper maintenance, or utilize best practice approaches to welding, can result in costly piping damages. For additional information and tips on maintaining sanitary piping systems, contact one of the experts at W.P. Law. For over 40 years, W.P. Law has been at the forefront for providing advanced piping maintenance solutions.

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