What’s causing the pipes in my lift station to lose pressure?

Common Causes for Low Pressure

Bursting water pipe

A lift station is designed to pump wastewater from a lower to higher elevation. It is a particularly valuable solution when the elevation of the source does not provide a sufficient gravity flow for the wastewater. Wastewater cannot be properly transported when the pipes within the lift station lose pressure. If you have noticed that your pipes are losing pressure, then it is time for you to determine a few possible causes.

Top Reasons Pipes Lose Pressure in Lift Stations

From clogs to frozen pipes, these three reasons can help you discover why the pipes in your lift station are losing pressure.

1. Clogs or deposits within the pipes.

A clog will keep the wastewater from flowing freely, which will create a loss of pipe pressure. Waste deposits work in a similar fashion; they create blockages along the pipes, which can cause increased pressure on one side of the blockage and lower pressure on the other side. Rust, mineral, and algae deposits can also form along the pipes. To clear up this issue, try using a chemical substance to break apart the deposit.

2. Broken pipes and valves.

A broken pipe can cause an immediate drop in pressure. Similarly, a broken valve can keep the wastewater from flowing properly. Finally, you should make sure that your valves are set to the correct position, which will help them to work at a 100 percent efficiency level. Diagnosing and repairing these pump station issues can help you restore pressure levels, so that your pipes and lift station can work harmoniously.

3. The pipes have become frozen.

During the winter there is an increased likelihood that pipes will freeze. When a pipe freezes, it can expand and crack. The resulting expansion and cracks can cause leaks within the pipes, which can reduce the pressure needed to remove the wastewater. To ensure that your pipes don’t freeze, remember to keep them well insulated during below freezing temperatures.

Calling in the Experts

If you have tried diagnosing the issue to no avail, then it might be time for you to contact the experts at W.P. Law, Inc. W.P. Law has been helping businesses install lift stations / pump stations since the 1970’s. Our team of experts will help you to properly diagnose and resolve your low-pressure issues.

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