What should I consider before choosing an irrigation system for my farm?

Choosing an irrigation system is important for the growing success of your farm’s produce. However, not all irrigation systems are created equally. From sprinkler irrigation to micro-irrigation, there are a number of factors that you should consider before you can successfully choose an irrigation system.

Choosing a Farm Irrigation System

The first tip for choosing your farm’s irrigation system is to remember that no one system will be best for every application. With this in mind, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Crops — What type of crops will you be planting?
  • Size and shape of field — How will the size and shape of your field affect drainage and water flow?
  • Water source — Do you have the appropriate water source for your intended irrigation system?
  • Elevation changes — What are the elevation changes within the field an from the water source to the field?
  • Labor requirements — Is your chosen irrigation system labor intensive, and do you have the manpower needed to properly operate the system?

With these factors in mind, you are ready to explore a variety of irrigation systems. Many farmers and gardeners use drip irrigation. It helps you water the plants that you actually want to have watered, rather than spreading the water far and wide. Through the drip irrigation system, you are less likely to accidentally feed your weed population. Drip irrigation systems are energy and water efficient, since drip irrigation operates at lower pressures pump and pipe sizes can be kept smaller.

A center pivot irrigation system is a self-propelled watering system that rotates around a central pivot point. Generally speaking, there are three types of center pivot irrigation systems: Low Energy Precision Application (LEPA), medium pressure sprinklers, and high pressure sprinklers. LEPA discharges water directly to the furrow, which is great when you are trying to grow taller plants, such as corn. A medium pressure sprinkler can be used when water needs to cover a wider area, while a high-pressure sprinkler is the ideal choice for fields with fine textured soils or sharp slopes.

To learn more about which irrigation system is best for your farm, contact the experts at W.P. Law. W.P. Law offers quality advice on irrigation systems and products. With their guidance you can choose the irrigation system that best meets your specific requirements, including budget, size of field, and type of crop being grown.

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