What to Know About Landscape Products, for Rookies

Landscape Products can Fix Lawn Problems in a Snap

What to Know About Landscape Products, for Rookies

Landscaping products may seem confusing when you first start out, but many of these items are designed to save you time, money, and the labor needed to make your landscape turn out beautifully. Here are a few key focal points to make your next outdoor project a smash hit.

Watering and Irrigation

Proper watering is important to making your landscape look its best. There are many products available from DIY drip kits that allow you to irrigate that small container garden to “smart” irrigation controllers that can determine how long they need to irrigate.

DIY Drip kits come in a wide range of sizes that can cover a small vegetable garden to kits that contain hundreds of components that allow the homeowner to irrigate an entire landscape.

Smart controllers utilize on-site mini weather stations that take recent rainfall, relative humidity and temperature into account and calculate how long they need to operate. These controllers also consider the soil type and plant material when determining system run time.

Plant Care

Thanks in part to products like liquid fertilizers and irrigation systems that deliver pest control, modern plant care is much simpler than in the past. Whether you are caring for a lawn system or a garden, the ability to spread fertilizers easily with minimal effort is priceless. Couple that benefit with accurate pest control methods, and with the ability to control it all from the convenience of your desk.

Professional landscapers understand how best to put these landscape products to use to save time, money, and labor. Contact WP Law, Inc. and let us help save you money while creating beautiful areas outside your home.

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