What Kind of Stone Works Best for Residential Fountains?

If you’re looking to add a residential fountain, you also need to choose the right stone for your needs.

 what kind of stone works  best for residential fountains

Whether it is outside in the garden or inside in a foyer, a residential fountain adds a touch of elegance and peace to any home. Water trickling over stone makes a pleasant, soothing sound that seems to invite occupants and guests alike to, “Come and rest beside me.”

The right stone for any fountain depends on your preference and budget. Many people choose marble and granite because they look nice and will not wear down quickly. However, the most common material for residential fountains is cast stone.

Cast stone is a concrete-like material that is prized for its beauty, and versatility. It can be made to imitate many different types of rocks including marble, granite, limestone, and quartz. Often, it is stronger than the material that it imitates. Because it can be cast in its final shape, it doesn’t have to be carved or drilled. This means that cast stone can be cost effective without looking cheap.

This building material has been around since the middle ages where it was used to decorate palaces and churches. It was known, even then, as the perfect material to add decorative embellishments to the grandest of structures.

Residential fountains made of cast stone can add the same beauty to a modern home. You can choose from a wide variety of looks and then relax, knowing that your fountain will remain as a treasured part of your home or grounds for many years to come.

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