Does It Really Matter Which Irrigation System You Use on Your Sports Field?


We’re about to answer the question of the ages regarding sports field irrigation. It’s a topic of discussion among grounds professionals everywhere. Keep reading because we’re about to tell you why the irrigation system you use for your sports field really does matter.

Consistent Play

The number one priority when it comes to sports field surfaces is consistency during play. Lumps, bumps, holes, and dead or burned grass all affect the players’ performance who use the space safely.

The Look of the Field

No one wants to play on a dry, brown, dead surface. Whether it’s golf, baseball, football, soccer, or any other sport played on grass, you want them wowed by the sea of green when people come to your field. And, even more important, you want them to remember the excellent conditions.

Why Irrigation Matters

Unless you want to switch to artificial turf, you must prioritize irrigation strategies. Every field is different, and each faces its own challenges, including water accessibility, pressure, and weather conditions. When you want to take care of your grass, you need to know which system is best for which type of field you have. Do you need extended radius sprinklers for a football field? Could your infield benefit from mid-range rotors? What about a traveling system for situations where underground irrigation isn’t possible? Whatever your needs are, irrigation is the key to a healthy, consistent playing surface.

No matter what type of sports field you have, you need a team of experts to get you the right irrigation system to keep it in great shape. The team at W.P. Law, Incorporated has got you covered. Contact them today for all of your sports field irrigation needs.

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