Why Pump Maintenance and Care is So Important

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It would be nice if we could simply install our pumps then let them do their thing, without us having to continually monitor and maintain them. But unfortunately, that’s not how things work. That means it’s your responsibility to implement a maintenance and monitoring schedule for all your equipment, especially your pumps if you want them to give you the best, most efficient performance possible. Not to mention lengthen their life expectancy. 

Why You Should Monitor and Maintain Your Pumps

In an industrial plant, all processes are fluid. That means formulations change and the different production rates will vary. But their supporting pumps, unfortunately, don’t change with them. Therefore, you are going to need an extremely vigorous maintenance and monitoring program if you want to maintain your pumps reliability and efficiency. This will allow you to make any adjustments necessary to keep your pumps in peak operating condition at all times.

The Four Basic Facets of a Pump Maintenance Program

There are four basic facets of a pump maintenance program and they are as follows:

1. The pump’s performance monitoring and system analysis.
2. The pump’s vibration monitoring.
3. The pump’s bearing temperature.
4. The pump’s visual inspections.

Each of these maintenance items are indicators on their own. But collectively, they provide you with the big picture of the actual condition of your pump.

The Six Basic Facets of a Pump Monitoring Program

There are six components you should be monitoring if you want to understand how your pump is performing. And they are:

  • Suction Lift (vacuum)
  • Discharge pressure
  • Flow
  • Pump speed
  • Pump power

The Bottom Line

It’s crucial to the performance, effectiveness and life expectancy of your equipment to implement a pump maintenance and monitoring schedule. Not to mention reducing the chances of having to pay for extensive repairs. Take some time to learn the industry best practices for maintaining and monitoring your pump equipment. Any time you spend doing this will pay you back in time and expense going forward.
If you would like more information about setting up a monitoring and maintenance schedule for your pumps, or any of your other fluid handling systems, please Contact Us today. W.P. Law Incorporated has been an industry leader since 1970. We look forward to showing you just how powerful an effective pump monitoring and maintenance program can be.

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