Why won’t the sprinklers on my irrigation system rotate?

How to Solve Common Irrigation Issues

Agricultural Irrigation Systems

If the sprinklers on your irrigation system fail to properly rotate, then you might find yourself with dead patches of grass, shrubs, crops, or plants. To help you resolve your agricultural irrigation system woes, the experts at W.P. Law Inc. have gathered together a few helpful tips.

Tips to Resolving Sprinkler Rotation Issues

If your sprinkler heads aren’t rotating, then you might need to look at more than one component of your agricultural irrigation system. The following tips will help you resolve the issues, so that you can go back to growing a healthy crop of plants, shrubs, or crops.

  • Find any and all broken sprinkler heads. — A broken sprinkler head is often the top culprit for causing rotation issues. A broken sprinkler head can easily be identified by looking for cracked casings, heads that remain buried in the ground, or broken plastic pieces near the sprinkler head. Once you have found a broken sprinkler head, you will need to either repair it or replace it with a new model.
  • Check the water pressure. — Low water pressure will not only keep parts of your lawn from being properly watered, but it can also contribute to an array of sprinkler head rotation issues. In fact, low water pressure can keep your sprinkler heads from rotating all together. To resolve this irrigation issue, make sure that your valves are fully open. A fully open valve will create the highest water pressure, which will provide sensitive sprinkler heads with the proper amount of pressure.
  • Check for water line leaks and crushed pipes. — A crushed pipe won’t deliver water to the sprinkler heads. When water isn’t delivered to the sprinkler head it can’t properly rise out of the ground, which can cause it to remain stuck in one position. Alternatively, a leak in the water line can cause low water pressure. As discussed in the previous tip, if the water pressure is too low, then the sprinkler head won’t properly rotate. In fact, low water pressure from a leaking pipe might cause the sprinkler head to remain buried in the ground.

If you have tried all of the above tips and you’re still having trouble making your sprinklers rotate, then we invite you to contact our team of experts at W. P. Law, Inc. We would be happy to help you further troubleshoot the sprinkler rotation issue or revitalize your irrigation system to more easily meet your watering needs.

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