Why would I want to use a recirculating water pump system?

Find out if this is the right choice for your business.


A recirculating water pump system is designed so that hot water is readily available to users. It collects and recycles the water so that water wastage is reduced and user comfort is increased. With these benefits in mind, using a recirculating water pump system in a commercial setting, such as a hotel or office building, makes perfect sense.

Added Benefits to Using a Recirculating Water Pump System

On average a person will send between two to three gallons of water down the drain as they wait for the water to warm up. This wasted water can add up to thousands of gallons per person, per year. If you were to multiply this over the number of showers taken in a hotel during a year, the number would quickly rise to the millions. Water is also wasted when individuals wait for hot water to reach the sink’s taps. In this vein, without a recirculating water pump system, millions of gallons of water are being sent down the drain, which equates to countless dollars being spent on wasted water.

A typical plumbing solution is designed to pump water from the water heater up through the pipes and to the tap. When the tap is shut off, the water remaining in the pipes cools off; thus, when the hot water is next turned on, the tap is opened and cool water gushes out until the hot water can be pushed back up to the tap. A water recirculation system attaches the water heater through the hot water pipe. This simple solution causes hot water to constantly circulate through the pipes, so that water is delivered in a timely fashion. Additional benefits include:

  • Reduction in wasted water.
  • Reduced water bill.
  • Reduced water consumption per person, per year.
  • Improved hot water delivery.
  • Environmentally friendly water solution.

In conclusion, a recirculating water pump system is both the economic and water-conscious decision that provides numerous benefits to hotels, office buildings, and other commercial businesses. To learn more about why you should install a recirculating water pump system, as well as what pump is best suited for your water needs, we invite you to contact a member of the W.P. Law team. W.P. Law, Inc. has been helping businesses implement water and plumbing solutions since 1970.

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