Will Weed Killer Also Kill My Grass?

A man spraying week killer on a lawn, near a large tree.

Will weed killer also kill your grass?  Learn how to get rid of the weeds without damaging your lawn.

It’s an age-old problem—how do you kill weeds without killing grass?  You dream of a lush, green lawn, but weeds get in the way of achieving the beautiful property you envision.  Then, you worry using the wrong solution to destroy the weeds will ruin all the hard work you’ve done on your grass.  So let’s take a closer look at how to get rid of weeds safely and carefully, so you can enjoy the lawn you have in mind.

Protect Your Grass by Using Selective Weed Killers

Selective weed killers use a chemical solution that targets specific plant species like broadleaf weeds.  Using these chemicals can safely treat your yard and destroy weeds without harming the grass.  However, it’s essential to check out the label on the solution to see which species it will kill and only use the proper chemical for the weeds you want to destroy.

Avoid using selective weed killers near new grass that is not yet well-established.  If you aren’t sure about a particular selective herbicide, check with a professional to have peace of mind.

Proper Herbicide Application Is Crucial to Achieve a Healthy Lawn

For most weed problems, spot application is ideal, especially if you only have a few weeds here and there.  Remember that over-spraying or using the wrong product can lead to grass damage.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or schedule professional lawn care services to achieve the best results.

Turn to the Lawn Care Experts to Destroy Weeds without Hurting Your Lawn

Let’s face it, sometimes taking care of your lawn can feel like a complicated science project.  So to avoid the hassle and achieve the weed-free lawn of your dreams, turn to the professionals at W.P. Law.

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