Winter Is Coming: 2 Tips for Maintaining Your Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen winter use

Are you looking for tips to achieve successful outdoor kitchen winterization? Just because winter is on its way doesn’t mean you have to close your outdoor kitchen for the season. Instead, taking some steps to winterize will allow you to maximize your outdoor kitchen winter use—even in the colder parts of the country. Here are our top tips to guide you, depending on the climate in your area.

#1: Cold Climate Outdoor Kitchen Winterization

For colder climates like in the northern parts of the U.S., here’s how to protect your kitchen and keep using it once winter hits:

  • Use Higher Cooking Temperatures: You can continue cooking in your outdoor kitchen during the coldest season. However, you may have to crank up the cooking temperature for your favorite recipes.
  • Wear Warm Clothing When Needed: Is snow falling? No problem. Bundling up will help you stay safe and comfortable as you work your culinary magic in the outdoor kitchen.  
  • Protect Kitchen Surfaces from Winter Weather: Protect surfaces like islands, countertops, and cabinets, from winter precipitation and freezing temperatures by covering them with a breathable material that doesn’t trap moisture underneath.
  • Winterize the Refrigerator: If the temperature outside is consistently below 40ºF, you will want to remove all food and drinks, clean it out thoroughly, and unplug the fridge. Running the refrigerator during cold weather can damage the appliance’s compressor.

#2: Mild Climate Outdoor Kitchen Winterization

Although you may not experience the prolonged hard freezes they encounter in the northern climates, you’ll still want to perform some basic outdoor kitchen winterization:

  • Maintain Grill and Surfaces as Usual
  • Cover Exposed Kitchen Surfaces as Needed
  • Winterize the Refrigerator

These steps are similar to what you would do in colder climates, but you’ll only need to take precautions if the temps drop. Many homeowners in mild climates can continue to use their outdoor kitchens, as usual, all year long.

Keep on Grilling with Proper Outdoor Kitchen Winterization

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