Winter Is Coming: How to Prepare your Lawn for Frigid Temps

Even in beautiful South Carolina, winter temperatures can impact your lawn and landscaping. Instead of losing grass and plantings to frigid temperatures, look at some simple ways to winterize your yard before the cold weather moves in.

Don’t Stop Watering

As long as the weather and temperatures permit, keep watering your grass, trees, and gardens. You don’t want them to dry out and die before the cold winter weather even arrives.

Keep on Mowing

The same is true for mowing as it is for watering. As long as the weather is warm into the fall months, keep mowing your lawn. Time the last mowing of our warm-season grass so that the final mowing takes place just before the last of the autumn leaves fall.

The final cutting height should equal the safe cutting height for your turf. If your turf is too tall before the last cut, remove only 1/3rd of the leaf blade weekly until the final cutting height is attained. Short grass will let in more sunlight to the roots to help keep it healthy until spring.

Aerate the Soil

Aeration allows water, fertilizer, and oxygen deep down to the roots of the grass. This is the boost your lawn needs to stay healthy all winter.

Don’t Forget to Rake

There is some misinformation when it comes to raking the leaves on your lawn. Some say it makes excellent mulch to protect your grass, but it can lead to rot. Wet leaves put extra weight and moisture on your yard and could damage the grass if left through the winter. Make sure you rake to prep your lawn for winter.

These tips can help carry your lawn through the frigid temps of winter and help it come out in the spring healthy and green. For more information on lawn care or help with lawn and landscape winterizing, contact W.P. Law, Inc. today.

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