Winter Proofing Your Residential Fountains

residential fountains

Residential fountains in cold regions need to be prepared for winter.

If the temperatures in your region drop below freezing, then you need to winter proof your residential fountains to prevent them from being damaged. Your fountain is a thing of beauty, and needs to be protected against the harsh elements of winter.

Here are the steps you need to take to winterize your residential fountains:

Step #1: Disconnect electricity:
If the fountain is run on electricity, unplug the electric cords.

Step #2: Drain the fountain:
Before the first frost arrives, drain the water from the fountain. Remove the pump and drain any water in it. Clean the pump, and store it in the garage, or indoors. Any water left in the fountain will freeze when the temperatures drop and can cause the fountain to crack.

Step #3: Cover the fountain:
If it’s a small fountain, cover it and move it into the garage or storage shed. If it’s too large, or heavy to move, use a fountain cover, or blanket to cover the fountain. Fountain covers can be purchased to protect the fountain from moisture.

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