3 Questions to Ask Before Installing a Sump Pump 


Where is the best location for the pump’s pit?

Your installer should be able to help you find the best location in your home for the new pump pit. Ideally, it should be away from all buried electrical, sewer and water lines. You should also steer clear of any circuit breakers or boxes. In most cases, the pit will need to be at least 12 inches from the wall.

Where will the water go, and where will you install the drain pipe?

Your outlet pipe will usually move through the rim joist of the building from the pump. In most cases, these pipes are 1.5 inch PVC that are attached to a hose or to the pump directly. When the outlet pipe goes outside of the building, it should be placed far enough from the building foundation to keep the water from moving into the lower areas of the building. You may also need to determine if the placement of the pipe will affect other buildings in the area as well.

Will you need to dig?

Many buildings may already have a pit that can handle a pump. If you do not have this pit, then your installer may need to dig. The installer should also make sure that drainage and placement is considered. For instance, the hole for the sump must be at least one foot deeper than the liner for the pump.

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